Quad City Mallards


The Brief


In 2011, we were charged by the Quad City Mallards with refreshing and refocusing their brand.  At the time, the franchise was in a state of flux and had come under new ownership.  Looking to solidify the franchise for long-term success, the focus of the project was narrowed down to three goals:


Simplified Color Scheme
Consistency Across Brand
Incorporating Mo Mallard

Simplified Color Scheme

One of the eventual shortcomings of the Mallards’ of previous brand was a needlessly complicated color scheme.  The use of unneeded colors drove up printing costs and created a muddled visual identity.  We remedied the situation by merging the two shades of green into one and eliminating the shade of blue that was lightly used in the old brand.  The result is a simple and striking color hierarchy that strikes all the right notes from dark to light.

Consistency Across Brand

Consistency is instrumental when developing a strong brand identity.

With that in mind, we took the Mallards’ collection of unique logos and refined them into a collection of marks that were intrinsically linked with one another.  It was an exercise in follow-the-leader; where one design zags, the rest of the marks follow.  If a highlight gleamed on the neck of one design, then that gleam is replicated across the board.  Because of this mentality, a strong visual motif was developed that runs through the Quad City Mallards brand. 

Updated Marks

Incorporate Mo Mallard

When the Mallards franchise was revived in 2008, they quickly reintroduced their beloved mascot Mo Mallard as well.  Yet, while Mo was once placed front-and-center in many of the team’s old marks, he was absent from the new-look Mallards brand.  By restoring Mo Mallard to the franchise’s identity, we supplied the organization with a set of family-friendly designs that have only grown in popularity with their fan over time.

Mo Mallard Marks