Fort Wayne Komets


2012 represented the Komets’ 60th season playing in the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Founded in 1952, they are one of the oldest hockey franchises in the United States; only the “Original 6” NHL franchises and the Hershey Bears (AHL) have played in one city under the same name for longer periods of time.  To commemorate the anniversary, our mission was to breathe new life into one of the franchise’s original logos, known to Komets fans as Captain Komet, or simply, The Spaceman.




To begin the project, we started with sketching out some rough Spaceman characters.  Once we found a rough design we thought had potential, we worked with the Komets organization to revise the design into the final product.  The team wanted a character design that appealed to young fans, but also had a little bit of mystery to him (like Darth Vader) and would fit into the narrative history of Komets’ logos.

The revisions usually centered around the face, the helmet, the colors, the background shape, and body position of The Spaceman.



Once the logo design was completed and approved, the time had come for the Komets organization to implement the new logo.  The decision was made by the team to slowly break-in the new logo, using the new Spaceman on some jumbotron graphics and on the next season’s print brochures and pocket schedules.   A few months later, the Spaceman debuted as the background on the Komets’ website and started popping up on select pieces of merchandise in the team store.

Over the next two years, the new design began to slowly gain momentum and traction among the Komets franchise and fans.



In December of 2014, the Spaceman made his first appearance on the ice for the Komets, debuting front and center on the team’s new orange alternate jerseys.  The reaction to the uniforms was positive from both Komets fans and non-fans alike.

Since its unveiling, the Spaceman has slowly become a large asset for the Komets’ brand and, looking to the future, we’re excited to see just how far it will go.

““We are extremely happy with the work Matt and the rest of the Studio 1344 team provided us.  It was exactly what we were looking for.”


Executive Vice President / Co-Owner

Fort Wayne Komets

Thanks to Komets LegendsEye 2 Eye Portraits, Still-n Action Sports Images, and the Fort Wayne Komets’ website and Facebook pages for the photographs and images used in this portfolio.